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      Good future of steel market
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        There are a forecast according to the operating situation combined with the fundamentals, the Asian steel market in May continued strong trend, steel data show that although some regional have some different trend, but the monthly demand is still rising, which can be seen in the first half of May Steel market overall trend is still strong, the second half of the international steel market will continue strong trend.

        "The Belt and Road" will increase the global demand for steel 150 million tons, and enhance the global demand for steel increased by . "The Belt and Road" has launched a value of 1.3 trillion US dollars of the project, steel prospects demand.

        Trade relations: June 2, the US International Trade Commission announced that the Commission preliminary finds that from China, Germany, India, Italy, South Korea and Switzerland and other six countries imported cold-drawn mechanical pipe on the US related industries caused substantial damage, The US Department of Commerce will continue to conduct anti-dumping investigations on products originating from the above six countries and conduct countervailing investigations on products originating in China and India.

        June 5, the Mexican Ministry of Economic Affairs in the official daily announcement that the originating from mainland China and Taiwan coated steel plate made anti-dumping final ruling, the decision on the product at the following rates levy ad valorem anti-dumping duties. June 9, the European Commission issued a notice that originating in China's iron, non-alloy or other alloy steel hot-rolled plate to make countervailing affirmative final ruling, ruled on China's products involved 4.6% to 35.9% Subsidy tax.

        Long steel products: market prices were different, some analysts said the main reason is the oversupply, had expected to start a number of construction projects are no movement, although the US long demand for a slight increase, but the steel plant operating rate are Promotion, imports are also growing, so the price stability is mainly due to the potential trade protection measures, but also an objective display of steel prices greater resistance. In the UAE, with the arrival of Muslim Ramadan, the UAE long market demand fell, buyers are postponed procurement.

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