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      The Development of China 's Steel Industry
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        China's crude steel production in 1996 have exceeded 100 million tons mark for the first time, China's crude steel production ranks first in the world, China's crude steel production followed by a year-on-year growth trend, and steel production has been ranked first in the world. China's stainless steel industry has achieved rapid growth in the past decade. In 2001, China's stainless steel production was only 730,000 tonnes, accounting for 3.8% of the world's current year. China's stainless steel production then exceeded 20% for 10 consecutive years Average annual growth rate.

        In 2006, China's stainless steel crude steel production of 5.61 million tons, for the first time ranked first in the world, so far, China's stainless steel production has also accounted for nearly half of the world's total output. In 2015, China ranked first in the world with 879 million tonnes of crude steel production, accounting for 48.5% of global crude steel production, up 7.5% from 2013.

        Global stainless steel production is expected to reach a high record of 42.3 million tonnes in 2017, up 5.5% from 2016. Although South Korea, the EU and Japan production in 2015 are lower than in 2014, China's stainless steel production has recovered, an increase of more 2% than 2014. More importantly, the growth rate of stainless steel production in China and emerging market countries is much higher than that in developed countries and regions. The output before of the Septhmber of 2016 is 15.668 million tons, up 15.9% over the same period of 2015, and the output is expected to reach 18.6 million Ton.

        Shanghai Baosteel Group has entered the world top 500, which not only marked the significant increase in the international competitiveness of China's steel, but also from China's steel power into a milestone, and to accelerate the Chinese manufacturing enterprises into the world economic tide is of great significance.

      a: Good future of steel market                 The next chapter: Safety Production Conference
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