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      Safety Production Conference
      Add time:2017-06-16 Browse the number: 1159

        On June 9, the company held a safety production management meeting. The meeting briefly introduced the work of the company's safety production management project, the outstanding achievements of advanced units and advanced personal recognition.

        At the meeting, the representatives of the production department reported the safety of the company. The company's general manager give a outstanding work team a reward. in recognition of the work of the units in the next stage, to eliminate insecurity, targeted work, the production safety and production quality tightly together, safe production management To benefit.

        General manager of the three requirements of security requirements: First, fall leadership pay high attention to the security, security and production are complement each other. Safety production to complete the company this year production and management objectives and tasks, to complete the optimization of plant construction, optimize the production line has played a catalytic role, and second, all employees to actively participate in, standardized, institutionalized and standardized. Safety production work should go deep into the grassroots level, raise the grassroots level grassroots staff safety consciousness, consciously put into safety management, continue to consolidate continuous improvement. To maintain a good effect, make it a habit, for shortages , adhere to rectification, division of labor responsibility, planned to improve, to ensure safety management and management to the post, control workshop team, so that safety management and follow up the rules.

        Strengthen the work of the company's production of labor protection, improve working conditions, protect workers in the production process of safety and health, and promote the cause of the long-term development of the company, the implementation of the "safety first" principle, prevention first, integrated management " People 's responsibility system, leaders at all levels should adhere to the "pipe production must be safe" principle, production to comply with safety requirements, to achieve safe and civilized production.

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