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      News Three - Foreign Trade Conference
      Add time:2017-06-16 Browse the number: 2551

        At the beginning of the year, the general manager of the company open the meeting of the International Trade Department, in this year's work, to broaden their thinking, through Alibaba and other B2B platform to develop overseas markets, continue to provide quality products and services to meet customer requirements, Improve the delivery period, but also insight into market changes, rapid response to market, capture market opportunities, and strive to promote "improve quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency."

        To provide customers with quality products and services at the same time, with customers to establish a good communication and credibility, so insider, responsive, timely response to customer mail, so that new customers become old customers, old customers become customers forever.

        To focus on the company to develop the principles and policies, focus on the objectives of the work, take the initiative to seek a breakthrough, unswervingly complete the task assigned by the head office. To be aware of the prospects of the steel export industry planning,think more, from the normal work to find new chance, we should care about workers and living environment to improve the implementation of the action, while doing strict management. Let's to implementing the work of the task of the layout to be implemented.

        Use the system to solve the specific problems of each link, grasp the law, earnestly do the work done in place. let's using data to prove , and promoted to work methods, with precise thinking science and efficient to solve the problem. let us become lifelong learning, to strengthen the understanding of product knowledge and proficiency, through learning to improve their own quality, improve the analysis of problems, the ability to solve the problem, requiring all units to do a good job within the various responsibilities of the work.

      ADD:No. 2A building, Lotte century city, qingdao middle road, Weihai, Shandong, China Tel:0086-631-5981698
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