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      Optimize the human resources to improve labor productivity
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        General manager offer a proposal "to strengthen the total wage management, reasonable optimization of wage structure, based on the original salary system to innovate, the establishment of a fair pay distribution system, so that management positions wages and responsibilities, performance linked to production wages and contributions , Labor intensity linked, export, marketing post salary and record the success rate indicators; strict labor approval and personnel recruiting; strengthen production and sales team building, to carry out multi-level training to improve the management level of cadres and staff at all levels of management skills, the introduction of high-level the production equipment, management and other professionals, the establishment of personnel treatment system, so that all kinds of talent can live and work, play talent.

        The main assessment of the two major indicators: 1, per capita sales revenue growth rate; 2, profit to complete the situation. The Human Resources Department in conjunction with the business operations department should also be strict assessment of these two indicators, and in strict accordance with the Group to determine the total amount of wages to control.

        The implementation of wage income connect with wage performance. Learningpromotion, labor discipline, work efficiency and quality, leadership, implementation, unity and cooperation, comprehensive quality and other six aspects of comprehensive evaluation. For the last three months ranked the last employee to give a warning, for five consecutive months ranked the last employee to implement the demotion, the officers should be transferred from the current post, waiting for the study. Fully activate the organs, to resolve the existence of the agency, such as lazy problem. Human resources departments also urge and develop production systems, technology systems, procurement systems and sales system pay performance distribution program, and constantly be improved.

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