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      Weihai Top Steel Co., Ltd.
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      Enterprise innovation operation
      Add time:2017-06-16 Browse the number: 2539

        Under the new situation of production and operation, Top steel Co., Ltd. in production and management as the core, in order to achieve regional management optimization, improve the overall quality of the team. My company to increase the management level, improve the overall quality of the team. Process supply and efficient operation of the principle of rational selection of quality cadres. In order to make full selection of the management cadres who are responsible for the work, the original level cadres from the professional and technical ability, work responsibility, communication skills, organizational coordination, innovation, integrity and self-discipline, care for workers and other aspects of democratic evaluation.

        According to the evaluation situation, to further understand the work of cadres and performance ability, and ultimately to employees want and hope for the purpose of selecting a strong sense of responsibility, trustworthy leadership. According to the characteristics of the process, each manager to maximize their own potential and ability to comprehensively improve the quality of the team. Steady progress, to ensure the healthy development of enterprises.

        We carried out the activities of "environmental, quality, management, efficiency and image" as the theme, from the comprehensive management of the site, the improvement of the quality of the whole staff, the strengthening of the management level, the increase of the enterprise efficiency and the improvement of the corporate image. Through the improvement of infrastructure, beautify the ecological environment, improve product quality and service quality and other measures to implement.

        Focus on the technology upgrade, to achieve comprehensive utilization of resources, take the road of green sustainable development. Energy-saving emission reduction, to achieve a win-win business and society, and achieved good environmental benefits and economic benefits. Outstanding focus on environmental protection and energy conservation projects, so that the indicators can be improved and breakthrough.

      ADD:No. 2A building, Lotte century city, qingdao middle road, Weihai, Shandong, China Tel:0086-631-5981698
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