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      Steel companies embrace the Internet
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        Ministry of Industry and Information technology data show that steel enterprises embrace the Internet is the trend, the current authorities to track the steel business has reached more than 30, these emerging forces from the trading model, logistics and financial aspects of the steel industry to change the development environment, E-commerce turnover of more than 10 trillion yuan, in the total amount of 10 trillion yuan, B2B business of about 8 trillion yuan, steel as an important means of production, B2B business is one of the fastest growing industry.

        As a bulk material, steel trading volume at every turn on millions of dollars, from the traditional perspective of electricity more difficult. But why steel electric business in 2013 was surging trend? An important reason is the industry's dilemma. In 2008 the largest domestic steel price volatility reached 2550 yuan / ton, 2010 960 yuan / ton, 2013 690 yuan / ton. Steel prices continue to narrow the volatility, making traders profit spread pattern of profit gone, the steel industry, the traditional multi-level sales system quickly collapse, engage in services, build platform, to achieve online and offline integration development into a new choice.

        Reduce the sales level, reduce the cost of circulation is an inevitable trend, and this is the long term of electricity providers. The daily trading volume on the online line in 2013 is reported to be 60,000 tons, and as in other areas, the majority of the current iron and steel business is also free mode. Through free matching steel mills, traders and users online transactions, the rapid expansion of traffic, and then provide a variety of value-added services. The size of the user is important, but steel businessmen want to run well, to provide logistics and financial aspects of professional services is essential.

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